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Expeditions: Conquistador Review

Video games commonly venture into the past nowadays hitting on eras such as World War one and two, the medieval ages and even worlds beginning but not many have hit ages that are still relevant to our time such as the Spanish Conquistadors.Logic Artists Studio has taken on this era with their new game Expeditions: Conquistador which explores the politics of 1520. This game mixes two genres together, open world exploration a la roleplaying and turn based strategy which walks nicely hand in hand to deliver quite an interesting indie effort that has a very Age of Empires feel.

You play as a Spanish Conquistador in 1520 South America along with a few crew members each with different traits to help you conquer the Americas and establish the Spanish civilization.

In Expeditions: Conquistador, there is a lot of history to take in and…..read. Yes there is lots and lots of reading and very few cut scenes that carry the story forward, this can appeal to fans of reading and players with a lot of patience however it may be too much for the casual gamer which causes the player to skip the dialogue which may cause them to make some decisions that make the game harder in the long run. For the readers however, Expeditions offers quite a complex story hitting on darker themes that plagued the 1500’s, personally I liked it.

Gameplay elements consist of near open world feeling exploration and turn based real time strategy when it comes to combat.


Your comrades to choose each have three traits that will affect their combat effectiveness and how they view any situation you find yourself in. Exploration is tougher than the combat as you can only travel so far before your party have to rest and then there’s the biggest enemy of all, starvation. Your party need to eat to keep them alive and well which means scrounging for food is a must. These things make the game too realistic and ruin some of the games fun as you soon find yourself babysitting your team rather than focusing on quests.

Party members can mutiny or die if not cared for however more party members can be recruited through encounters and handling them properly. Caring for followers can earn them experience which can be used for upgrades with regards to equipment which the game shares out pretty fairly. Lack of an easy to understand tutorial means that the difficulty curve is quite steep unfortunately.

Battling triggers the turn based RTS element, players take turns to take down the other team. This is where the frustrations continue, there is cover to use however enemies seem to easily find a way around it.

If your player is next to an enemy, the enemy attacks even when you’ve selected your actions and it’s not even their turn so keeping your distance in a must which can be problematic when your team specialises in melee combat. Ranged combat is hit and miss, meaning its pot luck whether you or they hit or not.

Each character has special abilities like guarding or counter attack which uses up your move but can work out for you overall.

Expeditions: Conquistador looks nice however lack polish, players and NPCs glitch here and there which shows the lack of polish however the environments look highly detailed and nice and sharp especially during combat.

When it comes to venturing in the wilderness, the sense of danger heightens which impressed me as it feels eerie and lonely until you come to any signs of civilization. The cut scenes look like a series of paintings you would see at your local museum which didn’t do it for me however it does manager to tell the story.

Replay value comes in the form as multiple difficulty levels and a multiplayer skirmish mode.



Expeditions: Conquistador is a deep delve into the 1500’s with its dark story and multiple ways to proceed with it. The gameplay elements mix nicely and are well put together although a bit more polish would have been nice.

Frustrations plague this game however with regards to babysitting your followers and contesting the sometimes unfair AI in combat but learn how to contend with these and you will be immersed.

Expeditions: Conquistador
Logic Artists ApS
Turn based action
30th May 2013
Expeditions: Conquistador Review the leet



Summary: Expeditions: Conquistador is a deep delve into the 1500’s with its dark story and multiple ways to proceed with it. The gameplay elements mix nicely and are well put together although a bit more polish would have been nice.


Good fun

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